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Yoav Karlberger

Yoav is the third generation of diamond traders. Born and raised in Antwerp, he has over fifteen years of experience and worked in China and Hong Kong.
He maintains valued trading relations within New York, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv and Mumbai....
He’s very intrigued by the mystery of a diamond. He loves being a part of the emotional stories that a fine piece of jewelry carries within itself.
"I always want to create something that really expresses the man's emotions towards his girlfriend or wife."
According to Yoav the most important thing while designing a piece of jewelry is balance. The center stone shouldn’t be too big or too small in combination with the strap of the ring. The smaller diamonds on the sides and/or halo should fit flawlessly with it… The piece has to feel perfect in it’s totality.
“When I'm trying to envision a personal piece for a woman, I need to know everything about her. I need to know what kind of woman she is; Is she a sporty girl? Extravagant? What kind of style does she wear? (Thanks Facebook!) In that way, we make sure that the jewel fits her perfectly.
When a woman accompanies her man to the appointment, it’s less complicated. Women are very good in expressing what they want ;-)”