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How we make the perfect piece of jewelry

The first step I take towards designing the perfect piece of jewelry is having a cosy conversation. Usually face-to-face, but occasionally it goes through e-mail. During that first appointment I try to get to know you as good as possible. I need to know most characteristics of the person it is intended for. Knowing what makes you you, (or what makes her her) is key in the design and further development of the piece. 

At the second appointment I show you the potential diamonds and designs which I think would fit perfectly or if further adjustments need to be made. We don't rush things. We carefully take everything into consideration because details matter most.



In the atelier, our design is shaped into a real-life beautiful piece of jewelry. With muchcare and lots of love, the jewel is precisely made into the sparkle you've envisioned.



After completion we can schedule a pick-up date. It’s always a joyful moment to see the customer’s eyes enlighten with happiness when they finally see the finished diamond jewel. Knowing we build this together and it will be worn by somebody who appreciates it, is just the best...