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The Story of Matthias

Yoav and I have known each other for years. When my brother got engaged in 2015, he told me about the fun experience he had working with Yoav. When I was ready to pop the question, I just knew Y-tailored was the place to be for getting the perfect engagement ring.

Yoav is the best you can find in doing what he does. I came to him with only one thing in mind: “I need a ring”, but I really didn’t know anything about diamonds or gold or anything like that. As a professional ‘king of diamonds’, he told me everything I needed to know about the job.

When you go to him, it’s also kind of a relationship therapy, but in a good way. He just let’s you talk about who’s going to get the jewel and forms a vision about what she’s like. After an hour of chit chat - yes men can do that too - he had quite a good idea about what kind of person my girlfriend is and what taste she has.


I really wanted a personal and unique piece of jewelry. My wife is one of a kind and I really wanted the ring to represent that.


I asked my girl to marry me on one knee in a bay in Llafranc. And she said yes! But till this day I really don’t know if it’s because of me or because of the beautiful ring, I got out the ring a bit too early..

So one word of advice: If you go to Yoav for your engagement ring, first wait for a clear YES when you ask her to marry you, then get out the ring. Or you’ll be in doubt for the rest of your life what the real reason of her answer was..