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The Story of Stef and Emilie

I met Yoav a couple of years ago when he approached us to build a new website. Which we gladly accepted. So when our wedding day came closer we decided to give him a call to see what we could do.


We were really happy to have that chemistry during the first meeting.

It made everything feel so natural...

We were looking to make something out of the ordinary. Atypical to be exact. Something that would fit the both of us. It turns out that we came to the right place. He had a fresh look on things and we felt right at home from the start.

Yoav has a warm but no-nonsense approach on what he does and is not afraid to disclose his vision of the piece in an honest and trustworthy way. He really wanted to make it a unique piece. The end result is a gorgeous ring that shines on my beautiful wife every day.